Thick Film

Hybrid circuits sintered on ceramic: High Power, High Frequency, Robust.

Thick Film

Thick film processes normally involve screen printing of metal and dielectric pastes. This fabrication method can give high quality results at economic prices.

Copper Screen Printing

Copper Screen Printing is a deposition method that produces a thick film with very flexible design and fine line capabilities.

Our process offers higher reliability and design flexibility than common direct bond copper process.

  • This allows for higher operating temperature, and higher current on power electronics.

The fine line capability of the screen printing allows at the same time for complicated smaller size circuits and the thermal sintering guaranties a strong bond with base material without adhesives that can degrade with heat.

An example of thick print copper on AlN for power electronics.

Power Electronics

One of the applications for the thick film copper screen printing is naturally on integrated circuits but those that are subjected to high current & high operating temperatures such as electronic components found in power electronic applications.


Whether for hybrid circuits, metallization of ceramics, or any other application, please contact us to discuss getting a prototype into your hands for evaluation.

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